Music studio operators from Germany’s “Ruhrpott”: Role, services and resources

Role, services and resources

  • Jan-Peter Herbst
  • Jan Holthaus Bielefeld University
Avainsanat: record producer, studio operator, role, studio, record industry


The role of record producers has always been in the state of constant change. Following Howlett (2009) and Martin (2014), this article explores the work realities of ordinary but still professional “studio operators” from the Ruhr Area in Germany. Focusing on studio operators rather than on record producers pays special attention to the economic, material and administrative aspects that are often neglected. The findings indicate that aspiring producers see the need to have a studio of their own and to offer various services besides the core activities of recording, mixing and mastering. The results also reveal a type of creative entrepreneur in the true sense of a “studio operator”.

Herbst, J.-P., & Holthaus, J. (2017). Music studio operators from Germany’s “Ruhrpott”: Role, services and resources: Role, services and resources. Etnomusikologian Vuosikirja, 29, 1–30.